Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Travel Disasters=Great Memories


   Why is it that the bad things that happen when we travel often make for the greatest stories? Typical vacations where everything goes well and everyone is happy, gets stored in that quiet memory bank in our brains. 

  Maybe my ability to laugh at travel disasters is an inherited trait. My parents love to tell the story of their honeymoon which began with a hurricane, continued with the car breaking down and ended with my mom being sick. They laugh and call it a great time. 

   I remember when my kids were little we went to Disney World. I spent days packing suitcases with everything they would need. What I didn't prepare for was a freak cold front that hit Florida that May. I also didn't plan on one of my kids bringing Lice along for the trip. One full day was spent in the hotel room battling Lice. The next day was spent shopping for warm clothes. I found out Florida does not sell jackets in May. These had to do:

   Our recent mini vacation was riddled with terrible weather, flooding and hurricane strength winds. However, the memory of standing in six inch deep water, in flip flops, fishing from a gazebo will always make me laugh. 

Those are the times we remember, the craziness, the unexpected, the monkey wrench in our well planned out vacations. 

Do you have any vacation disaster memories? I'd love to hear about them. 

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  1. Ooh, doesn't look fun.