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The Last One Pre-Order

  Meghan Hawthorne is restless. The last year has been a roller coaster: her widowed mother just married a long-time family friend. Her younger brother unexpectedly became a father and a husband. Everyone's life is changing. . .except for hers. As she begins her final summer of college, Meghan's looking for excitement and maybe a little romance. Nothing serious; this girl just wants to have fun.

TLOEbookBut the only man for Meghan turns out to be the last one she expects.

Sam Reynolds doesn't need excitement, and he doesn't want romance. Fun is out of the question. He's been the steady, responsible one since his parents were killed, and serious is his way of life.

When Sam rescues Meghan alongside a dark Georgia backroad, she falls hard for his deep brown eyes and slow drawl. But making him see her as more than just a party girl won't be easy. Sam's tempted by the fiery young artist, even as he realizes that giving into his feelings will mean radical change. . .maybe more than he can handle.

Nobody ever said love was simple.  

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Release Date: September 28th

  Tawdra Kandle has been a writer since the invention of the pen. Her first published work appeared in Child's Life magazine when she was 13. After a brief, thirty-year hiatus, she published a young adult quartet, The King Series. More recently, she's released contemporary and paranormal romances in both the adult and New Adult genres. Tawdra lives in central Florida with her husband and children, of both skin and fur types. And yes, she has purple hair. Follow Tawdra on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram/Website/Newsletter

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Witches of Demon Isle Box Set Free eBook for Kindle

Free eBook for Kindle

Witches of The Demon Isle Box Set

 Volumes 1, 2 & 3 

Click Here for your Free eBook
Volumes 1, 2 & 3 
For Kindle

A Little Bit Funny, A Little Bit Romantic, with a Wicked Side of Supernatural Trouble- Witches of The Demon Isle. 

Melinda Howard is the Demon Isle's weird girl... the one that's been holed up in the Howard Mansion for the last four years. Why? No one knows the truth except for her family... a long line of witches charged with protecting the Demon Isle, currently led by four hundred year old vampire, William Wakefield. Another reason Melinda doesn't mind her self-inflicted imprisonment. She gets to spend more time with William, her crush for nearly all her life who's too hot for words. And now, so are her dreams. 

Dreams that have a tendency to come true. Although typically, they don't include the handsome vampire she's crushing on but rather horrifying visions of people about to die. 

But she cannot stay under self-inflicted house arrest forever! And if her brothers or William get their choice in the matter, Melinda will be out of the house partying with her friends on the beach, giving her affections to a human, not a vampire, and getting into her role as a witch. 

A role her eldest brother Charlie lives for, and a role her second brother Michael would rather live without. But when duty calls, usually from the local sheriff needing help with some tourist who's gotten themselves into trouble, life, fun and choice get set aside and duty takes over. 

Such is the case when the sheriff needs help solving a murder; one she fears is supernatural in nature. To assist her in the case, she calls upon the skills of Charlie, who's a little more than just a Howard Witch, and Michael, an empath and death reader. 

What Michael discovers from the reading however, could be more than any of them can deal with or accept. Worse yet, they fear what this discovery will do to Melinda, as it returns them all to the core of her self-imprisonment. 

Back to the lives she could not save...

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The Chronicles of Steele: Raven Free Ebook

Human life has value. The poor living in the gutter is as valuable as the rich living in a manor. The scoundrel is no less valuable than the saint. Because of this, every life a reaper takes must be redeemed. Raven has lived by this first tenet since she was trained by her father to become a reaper. But since his death, she’s been spending years redeeming the lives she’s taken. By her count, she’s even and it’s time for that life to end. If she settles down and becomes a wife, she might just feel human again. But on the way to the life she thinks she wants, the baron of New Haven asks her to complete a task which she cannot ignore… Just when Raven decides to give up on her life as an assassin, she’s pulled right back in. The Chronicles of Steele: Raven is a steampunk-inspired fantasy set in an alternate universe.

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Now onto the gorgeous covers designed by Graphic Designer, Keri Knutson of Alchemy Book Covers
Chronicles of Steele RavenChronicles of Steele Raven2 Chronicles of Steele Raven3Chronicles of Steele Raven4

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Petco Halloween Bootique Costume Giveaway

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Win a Halloween Costume for your pup!

Not much longer and my favorite holiday will be upon us.


Annie Crow Knoll: Sunset



Return to Annie Crow Knoll. . . a place where people come to restore their spirits, heal their pain and reclaim their lives.

Nate Bidwell blamed his mother Annie for his parents' divorce. Buried hurts and resentments between mother and son make Nate reluctant to risk his heart when his childhood friend Beth Ann offers him her own. Instead, he allows himself to fall in love with the fragile and dependent June, and Annie's opposition to their marriage reignites years of unresolved conflict with her only child. Nate swears that he will never return to Annie Crow Knoll, his family home on the Chesapeake Bay. Instead, he opens his dream restaurant in Manhattan and tirelessly works to build his career as a chef.

When near-tragedy strikes their lives, though, Nate is forced to return to the one place he hopes may save his wife: Anne Crow Knoll. There, surrounded by the love and support of his mother, their friend Packard and Beth Ann, Nate and June face their doubts and fears about themselves, their marriage and their future. In the beauty of this Chesapeake community, they find hope and healing.  

Annie Crow Knoll: Sunset will be released on September 14th. . .


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And don't miss the beginning of Annie's story in

Annie Crow Knoll: Sunrise

Available at Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and Kobo


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Gail Priest lives in New Jersey and summers in Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay with her husband and their cockatiel. In addition to writing novels, plays and screenplays, she loves theater, reading, birding and being out in nature.
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Menopause and the Polar Pillow Review and Giveaway

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Menopause and Polar Pillow
 Review and Giveaway
Oh! these are wonderful times...NOT! Night sweats and hot flashes make sleeping an adventure for me and my poor Hubby. Tossing and turning and just plain miserable. I have my air conditioner set at a warm 60 degrees at night. Still there is no relief. 
The makers of Polar Pillow have saved me from sweaty, sleepless nights on the menopause roller coaster. 

I was sent two different products to review. The first was the Polar Pillow. 

Polar Pillow ®

  • Cooling pillow with turbo-cooling pack.
  • Gel layer on top, pocket for cooling pack in center & soft poly-fill on the bottom.
  • Stays cool all night with turbo-cooling pack.
  • Firm level of support is ideal for side-sleepers & good for back sleepers.

The Polar Pillow surprised me. It was heavy but very soft on the outside. A cooling pack came with it. You just put the Turbo Cooling Pack in the fridge until cold and then slip it into the middle of the Polar Pillow. Voila!  My first night sleeping with it was wonderful! I slept through the night and had NO night sweats. I couldn't believe it. It was cool but not so cold that it would have been uncomfortable. I can't say for sure how long it stayed cold...because I SLEPT!

The next product I tried was the Turbo Cooling Pillowcase.

Turbo-Cooling Pillowcase

  • Turn your favorite standard pillow into a cooling pillow with this pillowcase! 
  • Pillowcase fits any standard size pillow (standard pillow not included).
  • Comes with one Turbo-Cooling Pack that fits in the front pocket of the case for cool sleep.
 This is a great product if you want to use your own favorite pillow, but you still would like to have some relief. The Turbo Cooling Pillowcase was so soft to the touch. It also comes with a Turbo Cooling Pack. There is a pocket especially made for the cooling pack. I used this one night while I slept. While this was a great product too, I still liked the Polar Pillow better. And let me tell you why:
The Polar Pillow stays colder longer than the Turbo Cooling Pillowcase. 

Now, I am just greedy, or maybe it's because I have just found the perfect combo for combating hot flashes and night sweats. If you are at war with menopause at night, you have to try both of them at the same time. 

I used the Polar Pillow to rest my head on and the Turbo Cooling Pillowcase on my pillow to hug. Talk about cooling down!!!
These don't have to be used just at night. While I am relaxing, I put my Polar Pillow on my lap. It helps when the hot flashes decide to try and burn me alive. 
You can also use these when you have a sunburn or even when trying to bring down a fever. 

The wonderful people at Polar Pillow have given a chance for one of my lucky readers to win the Polar Pillow AND the Turbo Cooling Pillowcase!


This giveaway is in no way associated with facebook, twitter, pinterest or any other social media site. Please add to your email contacts to assure you will receive the winning email. Winner has 48 hours to respond to winning email or a new winner will be selected. 

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Smart Snacker Slide 'n Nibble Toy Review

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What's new? 
Well, everyone knows that I love my fur babies. Petco has some of the coolest toys to keep my babies busy when I am at work. I was so excited to get a chance to review this new product that Petco will have soon. 
This is the Leaps & Bounds Smart Snacker Slide 'n Nibble Toy. 

I'd like to say that I am the one doing the review, but Gypsy gave her own thumbs up on this one.
I placed a few of her favorite treat in the holder. I left the first one open so she could get the idea of the toy. 

It didn't take Miss Curiosity long to figure it out.  Each compartment is covered by a plastic slide. Gypsy had to swat at each one to open it up and get her beloved tuna treats.

Even after all of the treats were devoured, she still kept playing with it. This is a great treat dispenser and toy. 
A big thanks to Petco for sharing this with Gypsy
This great new toy will be available soon at Petco. Stop by and see all of the fun toys they have for your fur babies too. 

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School Spirit Giveaway

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Welcome to an event celebrating all things school related from supplies and gear to sports pride and activities/events and more.  This includes getting ready for the first day for pre-schoolers through dorm room and college prep!

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Steampunk Bundles Giveaway

Promotional Book Tours is giving away 10 Steampunk Bundles from Author S.M. Blooding!!

All Covers Large

"What is steampunk?"