Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

It's funny, I was surfing the internet for the perfect picture for this post. Wow! I guess these are the most popular things that most people decide to do every January 1st. 
Well, I'm no different. I did get the jump start on the losing weight and quit smoking thing. 

1. Lose Weight- I'm already am a member of Snap Fitness. This one is easy. Just get my fat butt out of the chair and go. Ok, I'm making a better effort this year to go more than once a month. I know I feel better when I go, so I don't understand why I seem to make excuses of why I don't have time. Ugh...the phrase is: "Get up and GO!"

2. Stop Smoking- I ordered an electronic cigarette thingy. I'm one day in already. So far so good. My father quit smoking 3 packs a day by using it. I will do a review for them as soon as I see how it goes. I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch. My battle with smoking has been a long drama filled love affair. My cigarettes and I broke up for almost a year, and somehow, my addictive nature could not stay away from the safety of being in that miserable relationship. Well, once again, I have decided to break up with cigarettes. Once again, I have vowed not to allow them to ruin my life. I vow to stay away from the places where my former love hangs out (Convenience Store) and to throw away all reminders of our past. For anyone that smokes, they will understand why I compare smoking addiction to a bad relationship. 

3. Take a trip- This one is easy, how can this be a resolution. Anyone says road trip and I'm the one grabbing the bag that's already packed. I've already turned in my vacation days. I don't need anyone to twist my arm to travel. I travel about 6 times a year, even if it is only for mini getaways. However, this year, the goal is to get my passport. I have put it off for so long.  My best friend and I are planning a big trip for next year. We want to go to Italy so the passport is a must. This brings me to the next resolution.

4. Open a savings account- DONE! I just opened an account strictly for travel. That's it. I found a bank that has this great account with no ATM fees. Yes, I finally took the plunge first thing this morning and it is DONE! Wooohooooo! One crossed off the list. I rock at this resolution thing!

Share with me your Resolutions for 2014.


  1. my resolution is to become closer to GOD. everything else will fall in place afterwards.

    1. Love your resolution. What a wonderful way to begin the new year.

    2. These are popular and important resolutions. I think we all just want to better ourselves and our lifestyles. I need to do some organizing and decluttering.

  2. I really want to get in better shape

  3. I'm not sure I consider these resolutions, so I'll call them "plans" because I hope they continue after 2014!
    1. Be more active (walk, bike, hike, etc)
    2. Meet specific health goals
    3. Be more organized
    4. Read more
    5. Actively network

  4. i am hoping to stop worrying s0o much

  5. This year, I hope to be able to maintain a clean and organized house. I've been a slob for too long now.

  6. Good luck to you on the cigarettes. They are addictive and controlling. They can take over, and I'm glad you are officially trying to quit and stay away from their local "hangouts."

  7. Good luck on your new year's resolutions! I never make them because I don't like to have a set start date for things, I like to start when the time is right for me. While I don't have any new year's resolutions, I have a life resolution - I always try to be a better person and all that entails.

  8. I want to get my husband and myself life insurance...oh the joys of growing up:)

  9. I really don't make resolutions, but I did start going back to the gym the Monday after Thanksgiving. I'm still hating it, but the motivation kicks in after about 30 minutes or so. Going first thing in the morning seems to work best for me as there's no time to talk myself out of it. :-)