Saturday, December 28, 2013

Favorite Blogs?

 I am curious..... I posted a few of my favorite blogs a couple of days ago. Since then, I have started Blog Surfing. Is that the correct term? I am always on the lookout for fun and different blogs. Don't get me wrong, I love my giveaway/review sites and the people that run them. No one knows how much work is put into some of the bigger giveaways. But when I'm just looking to relax, I read blogs of different topics. Travel blogs are my favorite of course. I use to read some work related blogs, but now I'm looking for blogs that are entertaining. I find myself watching less TV and reading more and have come across some fun blogs that I would love to share with you. 

1. Thrifty Decor Chick- A blog of home design ideas for the less-than wealthy. I really want to hire her to redo my entire house. Her ideas are what Pinterest is made of. 

2. Art In Nature- I am a Nature lover. The photos on this blog are just breathtaking. If you get a chance, stop by and just look at the first page, you will get hooked. 

3. The Planet D- I envy them! This couple is fun and living life to the fullest. Read about all of their adventures in traveling. I'm just wondering how they do it. 

Blogging is so much fun and is rewarding for the writer and the reader. Please share with me any blogs that you love to read. 


  1. I love your blog and another one that I found- Lady and the Blog.

  2. I love Adventures of Piglet Scooter. I read about how you named your blog and I loved it. One of my favorite blogs is One Good Thing by Jillee. I love making my own beauty & cleaning products.

  3. I really like the Planet D. Thanks for sharing.