Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Past

I have been slacking in the blogging thingy lately due to a family issue. It seems like everyone is facing hard times lately, whether it is family problems, work problems or money problems. My parents are getting up in age now and there have been health issues along with them being very stubborn. Facing the mortality of your parents is never an easy thing. When we are young, we never can picture a time when they will fall ill. They are the strong ones to us. This Christmas I hope we can just enjoy being together as a family and put all worries aside. 
I like to think back to Christmas when I was a child and when my grown children were little. 

I remember one Christmas when I was about 10 I got the present that I had wanted for so long. It was a white rabbit fur coat. 
I was happier than I could ever imagine. Thanks to Louisiana weather, I couldn't wear it. The temperature was over 75 degrees for two weeks after Christmas. I can laugh about it now, but oh! I was not happy with Mother Nature. 

Please share a sweet story with me about a "Christmas Past" that you have. 


  1. I love your blog. I am going thru the same thing with my parents right now. I hope it will all get better for them. My favorite Christmas memory is baking cookies with my mom and eating all the sprinkles.

  2. My Christmas memory is of my grandma and her making paper flowers for decorations.

  3. My Mommy has been going through some struggles with my grandparents. My Uncle passed away about a year ago and everyone took it really hard, since he was the baby and the only son/brother. They all still have a rough time with it. I've grown up seeing a lot of that so I've tried to push into my brain that it is a fact of life and sadly there is nothing I can do about it...except enjoy them while they are still with me :). Now on a happy Christmas memory :). When I was....about 8 we lived in Columbus, Oh. but we had come into Pikeville, Ky my hometown to visit and stay for the holidays (6 hour drive or so). On the way back to Columbus we stopped for a potty break I saw a plastic pink change box with a cute kitty sticker on top of it. I wanted it sooooo much, but of course Mommy said "It's Christmas you don't need anything else." Eh, what can you say. So, when we got home at around 1ish or maybe 2 in the morning there was that pink box sitting under the tree on top of all the presents :) it makes me all sappy thinking about it. I was so sure that Santa picked it up for me on the way :), now I know it was my Mommy who had done it, and I am so thankful for that great memory. I hope that when I am old and senile, I can still look at that old raggedy pink box (yes, I still have it) and will still have that memory tucked away safe.

    1. Dawn, thank you for sharing you sweet story. It made me smile this morning :)