Friday, June 28, 2013

Old Cell Phones Still Call 911


Please do not give your old phones to your children. 

   Forgive my rant on this topic. I am very familiar with this situation that I am writing about. Parents think it is cute to give an old cell phone to their small children. The problem with this is that old cell phones that are disconnected STILL CALL 911! Hundreds upon hundreds of call every day tie up 911 Emergency lines. 911 Dispatchers have to answer every one of those calls. Your child could cost someone their life. The time it takes to answer your child's call means that if someone with a real emergency is trying to call 911, their call will be delayed. Even seconds count. Imagine you or someone you love has just had a heart attack. You call 911. It rings several time before someone answers. To you or your loved one, that seems like a lifetime. 

Did you know that Domestic Violence Victims are given old cell phones. Yep, it's true. They have them in case they ever need to call 911. 

If your child is playing with an old phone and it dials 911, it could mean life or death for someone. 


  1. I worked in an elementary school for a couple of times a month someone would dial 911 from the classroom. It was disconcerting because you don't want to be that school that cries wolf, but w/the phones so easily accessible to the children that's kind of what we were becoming.

    I didn't know about the domestic violence victim phones. What a great way to put an old phone to potentially good use (though you'd never want for anyone to have to use it).

  2. I never knew about domestic violence victims receiving old phones. That is a great idea. I have always given my phone to a friend or sold it back to the store. Now I wonder if there is a program that will guarantee that my old phone will actually do good for someone else.

  3. I know this, my mom keeps her old cell phone, hidden on her person, just in case if someone tries to steal her Iphone or she is harassed. Once the perps steal one phone, they are not likely to think you have another one on you.

  4. I never knew that, but none of our old cell phones are even charged. We don't let the kids have them anyways, but if they find them they won't dial out!

  5. Well this is news to me. :/ Thanks for letting us know!

  6. Good tip! My youngest sister did this once. Boy was my mom surprised when the cops showed up at her house!