Sunday, May 19, 2013

Good Luck Charms

This week had the biggest Powerball Lottery Jackpot. One lucky winner won a huge amount of money. While everyone was making their wishlist, I started thinking of all the lucky charms that we surround ourselves with. I'm not sure if any of them really work, but I know a few of them I'm not willing to live know, just in case. I carry an Angel Coin with me at all times. I keep it in my wallet. It was given to me not long after I started my job. I'm not sure if it is a lucky charm, but I'm not going to leave it at home. 

When a ladybug lands on you it is suppose to be good luck. Killing one is bad luck. 
Rainbows are known for being lucky. If you find the end you get that pot of gold. There are also 7 colors in the rainbow. The number 7 is also considered lucky. 
Hang a horse shoe on the wall or above a doorway for good luck. 

"See a penny pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck. Leave it there and you'll despair".

When we were kids we would fight over the wishbone. All of the cousins wanted to be the ones to break the wishbone at Thanksgiving. 

Do you have a lucky charm?

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