Sunday, March 31, 2013

Travel In Your Own Area

Wishing you could travel but don't have time off of work or lots of money? Try exploring your area. Every town has highlights that we often overlook. A day trip in your area can be fun. Make a plan. You don't have to go to the major landmarks. Gather a picnic lunch and head out the door. Here are a few ideas of things you can do:

1. Take photos of as many different animals as you can. You don't have to have a destination in mind. Just drive around and explore. 

2. Go to an outdoor concert. Check your local area. Hubby and I found a vineyard that has outdoor concerts a few times a year. The cost was around $20 for the both of us. You are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch and chairs. There was even a couple that brought candles. There was wine tasting and sweets sold from a cart. 

3. Take a ride to see all the historical homes in the area. Some offer free tours. Even if you went as a kid with a school group, go see them again, this time as an adult. 

4. Go visit your State Parks. Walk the walking trails. Take photos of all the different trees, rocks, or wildlife. 

5. Last, but not least, go Geocaching. You will never be able to say that don't know where to go. Geocaching takes you to places that you had no idea existed. 


  1. I absolutely agree with these. I love geocaching too.

  2. Living in the country in East Texas I'm trying to raise my daughter to appreciate the more simple things in life so we walk around tons of civil war historical markers looking for artifacts and other things!! It's the most fun of anything we could do together & it's educational!!

  3. i have recently done this and we visited a local area that we never even knew was there for five years, we had a blast, we even want to go back. thats a plus. thanks for the great idea, im going to dig a little more in my search.

  4. we love traveling in our state and the kids learn alot

  5. We are starting to do this this year. We're going to see at least one historic, significant or noteworthy place a year even if it's just a day trip.