Saturday, March 9, 2013

Riding Tips

  Why is it that the first beautiful weather of the year always falls on the days that I am working. Anyone else have that problem? I work a weird schedule. Lately, every weekend that I have off  has been near freezing or raining. This weekend is absolutely beautiful. I can almost hear Piglet in the garage like a child begging to go out and play. Of course, it is really my inner child needing a Play Day. I have been scoping out some saddle bags for piglet and still can't find what I'm looking for. I have the perfect road trip in mind and need a set. If anyone has any ideas I would love them.
  Since I can't go out and play, I thought I would share some riding tips.

1. You need to wear eye protection, a helmet, visible clothing, and the right footwear. Rain gear doesn't hurt either. There are riding glasses that have foam padding to keep the wind out. I have pink ones.

2. Take time to learn skills such as braking, accelerating, cornering and curves, so that when you go out into traffic, you're prepared. Left turns were a pain for me in the beginning. I don't know why but it was difficult. I am still very cautious. 

3. Learn how to ride in all types of weather, even the rain. You never know when one could pop up. Learn how to dodge debris in the road in a safe manner. 

4. Learn how to break quickly in case a stray dog or cat jumps out in front of you.

5. I know everyone obeys traffic laws, right? Even if you always do, pay attention to what other drivers are doing. 

6. Don't take chances. Take you time. There is nothing wrong with pulling over and letting that "Road Rage" driver pass you. 


  1. How fast does one of those scooters go and do you have to get a licence plate and specific code on your licence to drive one?

    1. I did not need a special license because it is only 49cc, but you will have to check your state laws. My Honda Metro goes about 40MPH. Definitely not for getting somewhere fast :)