Sunday, March 17, 2013

Relax and Breath...Piglet Day

 I just knew that it was a Piglet Day. Forecast was for highs in the 70's partly cloudy and just beautiful. It was a day I have been waiting for since Fall. I packed all of my gear into my bag, strapped it to the back of Piglet and away we went. First stop was to see my Mom and Dad. They love when I stop by before heading out on a new adventure. I passed by this beautiful old barn on the way.

I headed out after a cup of tea with Mom. I had the destination in mind. I wanted to be near the water. A few miles away there is a perfect spot on the Pearl River. Most people use it as a boat launch. I could just sit for hours listening to the running water. 

I had packed some Babybel Cheese and some crackers. I pulled out my big towel and put it on the ground where I had the perfect view of the water. I savored every bite while enjoying the sun. The peace and quiet was exactly what I needed. After my light lunch, I retrieved my trusty Nook and I began to read. Time ran away with me.

I finally broke away from my book. It was time to go home. The wind had picked up and riding on a two-lane highway was a scary experience. It felt like Piglet was going to grow wings and fly. I was ready to get home and off the road. 

I put Piglet away for the day. I patted the seat, smiled and told her, "Until next time".


  1. Sounds like you have a nice relaxing day! I so need a day like this!

  2. I love that the nice weather is coming back. So much more to do now.

  3. Not what I thought when I saw piglet day...